The bozohttpd/Lua Interface

(a.k.a. the web framework for the 24½th century)

Brought to you by dressupgeekout

Cadet is a minimal interface between bozohttpd and Lua.

The intention and original inspiration is to allow one to comfortably develop dynamic web applications straight from a basic NetBSD installation. pkgsrc nor LuaRocks are required.

Greetings, Cadet

Let's whet your appetite:

-- hello.lua

Hello = {}

function Hello.index(env, request, query)
  return Cadet.finish()

httpd.register_handler("index", Hello.index)

# /etc/inetd.conf
http a c d e g sdf ds 

Source Code

Cadet's source code is maintained in a Git repository hosted at GitHub.

It's released under a liberal BSD-style license.

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