The Wolfskull Standard (original working title "Lady Fenicia") is the name of the anthropomorphic fantasy novel I'm currently writing. This will be my most significant creative achievement to date and I want to get it published. Like, professionally printed and on bookstore shelves.

You can follow me on my journey as I start from nothing and end at my final goal: sign a copy of my own book for someone else.

Back-cover plot teaser

(Still WIP)

The golden retriever piratess, "Lady" Fenicia Coraless, has been in the running for First Mate of the Starry Vine. But when an unexpected and fatal ambush thrusts her into becoming Captain herself, she must quickly adapt to her new position, while also staving off the mutinous calls of Nimbus, the former Captain's own nephew.


This is an exercise in writing a full-length novel, but also an opportunity to learn about the book publishing business and get practical experience for self-publishing.

The original idea for Wolfskull started when I decided to invent a backstory for a character I doodled one time. I prepared the plot details in the months leading up to Nanowrimo, and then writing officially began on November 1, 2022. I did not reach the 50,000 word goal which Nanowrimo particpants challenge themselves to reach, nor did I have any expectation that I would reach it anyway. In fact, I wrote only approximately 17,000 words.

In January 2023, I read The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang, and it kinda blew me away. I was reinvigorated and inspired to continue writing my little furry pirate book. Well, actually I had always intended to finish the story, but The Poppy War encouraged me to take a step further: what if I actually worked towards a professionally printed edition? For sale on real life bookstore shelves?

And so here we are.