U 2/19/23

Properly separated the theme/typesetting bits from the actual content (mostly), and therefore WilloraPDF is now available on GitHub. I did also find out how to change the Asciidoctor-PDF code to handle writing page numbers in the way that I want.

Yesterday, my good friend Lina and I workshopped a little bit. Her input was invaluable. The main takeaway from the conversation with her is that I should definitely make the change to Nimbus' story in Act 1 that I had been considering. Namely, his intentions must NOT be a secret to anyone. The entire crew ought to hear from him, starting from the very beginning.

R 2/3/23

Took down the old GitHub repo and put up this Fossil repo for real. Actually, I experimented with Fossil last night, but now I've finally made the switch and this Fossil repo actually has the text of the book committed into it.

Taking its place on GitHub will be a new repo that only does the Asciidoctor and PDF typesetting. It will be released under an open source license and should be an acceptable template for any other authors who want to do what I'm doing!

U 1/29/23

First, I finally figured out why my Asciidoctor-PDF themes were always indenting every paragraph, including the leading one. I was also able to remove the horizontal rule which is the default representation of a thematic break.

Second, I determined that I would most likely need to change the code in order to deal with page numbers. Case in point: I need every blank verso page, e.g. the page opposite of a chapter-start, to NOT have a page number. There's a comment here in the code that says "FIXME: we need to have a content setting for chapter pages." Sounds like the thing I'm after.