This is not a record of every comment I’ve ever left behind on every YouTube video. Google takes care of that for me (it’s in the “History” tab).

No, this page just captures the hard-hitting ones, the ones where I voice a stronger opinion.

Furthermore, this page only captures my comments on others’ videos.

Noah Samsen – Think Before You Dox


44:44 This was particularly enlightening. Shawn’s essentially claiming that racism doesn’t exist anymore (“cuz it’s illegal!”) while simultaneously not taking the Black man at his word

2 Danny 2 Furious – He Bought A House On Amazon


Granny houses in the backyard are probably the most perfect Airbnb-able spaces, if the hosts actually cared about hospitality (when we know many of them are there just for a quick buck, like Danny mentions). Also, I was a little miffed when Jeff admits he hates the pink couch even after making the decision to Airbnb it out. Why would it matter to him whether HE likes the couch or not, rather than his guests? (Well, we kinda know why.)

Zoe Bee – What “Parents’ Rights” REALLY Means


YES Thank you. I’ve been asking the same question myself for a long time now: Parents’ rights to do what exactly? It’s kinda gross how much of the culture wars that are being fought – allegedly to “protect” kids (protect them from what?) – do not foreground the kids whatsoever. Take book bans at schools, for instance. What do THE STUDENTS think of it all? We hardly ever get to hear it. The voices of the “concerned parents” drown out everybody else.



The Poppy War is THE BOOK that motivated me to not just finish my novel, but to get it published… so, it’s a very important book to me. There are lots of valid criticisms out there, and I have some of my own – but, uh, lol, some of the ones you showed here are hilarious.


So many criticisms surrounding Rin’s decision to sterilize herself don’t have anything to do with Rin nor her situation. No, virtually every comment I’ve ever encountered about that condemns the “unnatural” practice in isolation. Stoking fears about “destroying womanhood” or whatever in general instead of seeing how it fits within the overall story. They’d toss the same complaint, unaltered, to ANY character in ANY book where the same thing happens.

Indeed, Rin is the only girl at the academy who decides to go through with the process, and she does suffer for it, so it’s not like we’re painting a rosy picture here. And we’re certainly not inviting the reader to, like, go out and get their tubes tied – contrary to what many of those comments claim.

Little Joel – Brianna Wu and Failed Masculinity


Referring to someone having sex for the first time as “socializing” them is pretty gross tbh – definitely not an ordinary usage of the term.

filmotter – How Stray Subverts Violence in Video Games | Video Essay on my Game of the Year 2022


Your video made me realize that, in my own video essay on Stray, I should’ve framed the Zerks and the Sentinels as not just “the only things in the game that can kill you,” but more specifically, they are the only perpetrators of violence. A subtle but significant distinction.

With your comment on The Pathless I finally have a way to articulate why I found the combat so satisfying! (Beyond the fact the boss battles are EPIC.) There’s no distinction between “exploration mode” and “combat mode,” you shoot the arrows either way.

I also appreciate the idea at 18:07 about pacifist playthroughs not being the “real way” to play a game. I appreciate it when the option is there, but yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m not doing things the way they were intended. (Notable exception: Undertale)

I learned a surprising amount from this video!

Big Joel – Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) is a bad movie lol


I remember feeling like I was the only one among my friends and family who didn’t particularly like this movie. I remember walking out of the theater thinking: “Wow that was FORMULAIC and extremely tame” and the viewing experience kinda felt like a watered-down remix of Ray (2004). TL;DR I didn’t find it gripping at all, in contrast against most people I spoke to.

LegalEagle – How to Use ChatGPT to Ruin Your Legal Career


It boggles my mind how anyone ever got the idea in their head that ChatGPT is a “search engine” in the first place. It doesn’t look like one, it doesn’t act like one, every discussion I ever encountered when it was first made available made it abundantly clear that it’s just a language model – it literally just makes stuff up. And yet, there are countless examples of people painting themselves into corners because they believed what it was saying. I will never understand what causes people to unilaterally trust any new tech so willingly.

Little Joel – Conservatives and Delusional Nostalgia


A simpler reading is that being filmed at all in 2002 was such a novel thing in and of itself – of course people would smile and wave. You’d need a proper camcorder to get footage like that – it wasn’t nearly as ubiquitous as it is today. Or maybe the one holding the camera was just a popular kid. Joel is right that it’s kinda pathetic to be contorting this footage to mean anything else, let alone “proof” of a “better time” “taken away” by “them”

Big Joel – PragerU for Kids: A Horrible YouTube Channel


“How to Embrace Your Femininity” is basically a modern reproduction of those 16mm social etiquette films from the 1950s

Little Joel – The women posting L’s community is in chaos


Tweeting “Yeah, I’m questioning my following of this account more and more” takes so much more energy than simply, y’know, unfollowing the account.

Little Joel – a genuinely unhinged SunnyV2 video


It’s so weird how SunnyV2 confidently declares that he “knows” that Ninja is acting fake nowadays, as if he has some actual inside scoop as to what kind of person Ninja “really” is. Yet none of his scoop is inside information – it’s just videos anyone can look at. And can’t SunnyV2 acknowledge the fact that, idk, people change? That some people want to mature, and genuinely better themselves?

Alex B Gaming – First Time Playing - BLACK DESERT ONLINE


BDO is truly special! It is my favorite virtual world to get lost in. I love that it accommodates my typically very slow playstyle equally as well as speeding through material, in case I ever need to do so. I appreciate that you seem to have found the beauty, charm and liveliness of the world! That’s certainly one of the major reasons why I have stuck around for so long.

Alan Fisher – California High Speed Rail is Fine; And the Wild Scrutiny of Transit Projects in the US


Lifelong Californian here. You don’t know how much bad press and angry comments in news articles I’ve seen about the CA high speed rail project. So much negativity, and – most teeth-gnashing of all, for me personally – people asserting that it doesn’t solve any problems and no one is gonna ride it anyway. I have no idea which planet they’re living on, because virtually everyone I know IRL will ride the HECK outta this thing. I know I will, and I know I would have back when I was a college student. The amount of exchange between Norcal and Socal is NOT negligible – the more options we have to link the two regions, the better. Whatever it takes!

LastWeekTonight – Tech Monopolies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


I’m surprised that John didn’t even allude to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a glaring sign of the massive extent of Amazon’s vertical integration. You have any idea how much other companies depend on Amazon’s cloud computing tech? EC2, S3, etc. are super attractive because they’re affordable and seemingly infinitely available. The easiest, fastest way for a company to have any internet presence to speak of is to piggyback on Amazon’s – no one else’s cloud infrastructure comes close.

Danny Gonzalez – Smart Houses are Kinda Tacky


Something that’s bothered me for a while now – visions of the future almost always focus on a domestic setting. This technology never leaves the house, or your own body. There’s never a vision of what the technology could do on a public, civic scale – improving the lives of an entire community rather than just a single family household.

LegalEagle – NFTs Are Legally Problematic ft. Steve Mould & Coffeezilla


One major takeaway I got from Line Goes Up is that so many people involved seriously misunderstand copyright and intellectual property law – or they just don’t care. It was pretty cool to see the Leagle Eagle here expand upon that